Saturday, 24 January 2009

RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch 2009

Is it really a year since the last one! I enjoyed last years event although it was bit of a disappointment with very few of the regular birds showing up. This year couldn't have been any more different. It was slow going at first with just a Blackbird in the tree and a Dunnock wandering round the foot of the bird table.

Twenty minutes in though, I started getting a little bit exited as a little brown job, or I should say tiny brown job, appeared on the scene and was darting about frantically in the tree. Then I saw the the yellow flash on it's head and then I nearly passed out!

I've only ever seen a Goldcrest once before and that was only a couple of weeks ago, high up in a very tall tree. Our garden Goldcrest stayed for over half an hour, playing that classic bird game, catch me if you can, I'm faster than you're autofocus is!

I did get a few shots but it would have been better if the forecast sunshine had materialised.





With all the excitement, it was hard to take my eyes off it to see if anything else had arrive but even so, I don't think I missed anything. The full count goes like this:

Blackbird x 2 Males
Dunnock x 2
Goldfinch x 6
Chaffinch x 1 Female
Greenfinch x 3
House Sparrow x 1 Male & 1 Female
Goldcrest x 1
Magpie x 1
Starling x 2

Off now to submit my results to the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch.