Saturday, 7 April 2012

Cycling, New Puppy & New Camera

It's been a while since my last post, we've been busier than the Easter Bunny just lately, mainly due to a new addition to our family.


Alfie is a Bedlington Terrier and is getting on famously with Lucy, during the warmer weather the other week we took them to Robin Hoods Bay for a run about and they had a ball.

Aflie & Lucy

I've been back cycling to work for the last couple of weeks, although I did miss a day or too last week with the snow! I never know what I might see during my commute so always have a camera to hand and this years Mallards seem to have taken a liking to one of the fields, I've seen them from the road on many a morning.

Roadside Mallards

Just yesterday I bought a new camera to replace my Panasonic TZ7 which has served me well just like the TZ1 before it. My choice of the new TZ30 was a no brainer with 20x optical zoom it means I've always got a long lens in my pocket, brilliant for cycling and walking. The feature that's most impressed me so far though is the 10 frames per second, even though it's burst mode there is hardly any delay before the camera is ready to go again. Sadly this being a bank holiday weekend the weather is shocking so my first shot from the garden isn't great.

Starling (First shot with my TZ30)

That said, for rubbish light, through a double glazed window, using the full 40x intelligent zoom and being cropped, it's not that bad. I just need some nicer weather now, looking at the forecast I might have a long wait!