Sunday, 22 April 2012

Hiding In The Shed

With the awful forecast for yesterday we elected to stay in and endure the wall to wall sunshine from home! Not wanting to waste the unexpected blue sky, I had a stint in the hide (shed) for the first time in quite a while. The designated wildlife area has been pretty much abandoned by the birds since I planted trees up there but they are staying put in the hope that the birds will return once they get established and form a kind of stand alone thick hedgerow. Anyway, I put a few bits out on the bird table up there to see if there were any takers and noticed a Blackbird coming back and forth from next door so decided to give the hide a go.


There really wasn't much else about with all the action down at the feeding area nearer the house but I did spot this Woodpigeon that looked like it was performing a high wire act.


Then it all kicked off down at the house end as a Sparrowhawk bolted in, taking 2 other Woodpigeons completely unaware.



I was hoping he would fly back up the garden towards me for some closer shots but instead he left with nothing by doing a u-turn back the way he came in.

Before I leave you to make some breakfast on this extremely wet Sunday morning, here's a quick update on Lucy and Alfie...

Lucy & Alfie

I think the picture says it all :-)