Sunday, 21 April 2013

Everything Changes

After a false start blogging wise this year, I've finally settled into a routine of posting my wildlife related images here one at a time, daily-ish. I've been so busy I've not even had chance to mention here that I've changed camera systems. Debbie got a Panasonic Lumix G3 + Vario 100-300mm lens last year and I was so taken with it I made the change myself a couple of months ago. It's still early days but I can't say I'm missing anything from my Nikon D90 + Sigma 50-500mm combo apart from the weight and neck ache! Because of the smaller micro four thirds sensor size, the reach isn't far off what I'm used to either which is great.

Things are also changing at pace in Google land too, Google Reader is closing this year and with it Google Friend Connect which I know a lot of bloggers use to connect with others. I removed the connect widget quite some time ago, it interfered with my neat and tidy folders inside Reader, I just added blogs listed here and more manually which worked better for me.

Thankfully the fact that Reader is closing shouldn't affect me too much as spending 99% of my online time on mobile or tablet I read everything through Flipboard these days and if that fails I've always got Feedly to fall back on.

The latest change from Google HQ is the option to change your commenting system to Google+  which I've now enabled here. This means that if you need to have a Google+ account to be able to comment here. I know not everyone will want to have anything to do with G+ but the benefit to me is that if anyone does leave a comment, I'll be able to find you on G+ and subscribe from there, otherwise with 6500+ folk following me it's nigh on impossible to see if any bloggers I follow have followed me.

Another advantage will come about if others do the same and also post their blog posts to Google+, then I can comment hassle free on your G+ post and my comment will magically appear on your blog. I've lost count of the number of times I've wanted to leave a comment and being thwarted by the number of clicks (or touches in my case) or my nemesis, the infernal word verification!

I'd love to see you all on Google+, if you've tried it before and been met with tumbleweed floating across your feed, it is much better these days, the image organisation is still rubbish (which is why I post from Flickr here), but if you just post from your blog that won't matter anyway. If not, I'll still be flipping through your posts as always :-)